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"Cudze chwalicie, swego nie znacie" - wystawa powarsztatowa

"You glorify the other, but you do not your own"

Klub Sztuki "Art&Cafe"
MCK Sokół, ul. Długosza 3, Nowy Sącz.
Opening: Friday, 6th of March at 7PM.
The exhibition will be open till 29th of March, Monday to Sunday, 10AM-9PM.
Participants: Karolina Adamczyk, Justyna Czepil, Katarzyna Gryzło, Krzysztof Gryzło, Sylwia Jelito, Elżbieta Kantor, Łukasz Kantor, Łukasz Karaś, Małgorzata Kiełbasa, Adam Kmak, Tomasz Kmak, Aldona Kogut, Karolina Kulka, Wioleta Lach, Barbara Milewska, Dariusz Nowak, Kamil Nowak, Paulina Obrzut, Marta Pęcak, Sebastian Pokrzyk, Michał Potok, Monika Sarata, Maja Szczepańska, Dariusz Ścira, Krzysztof Ścira, Aneta Trojan, Paweł Zięba.
Curator: Krzysztof Ligęza.
Honorary Patronage: Marek Pławiak, The Governor of the Nowy Sącz region.
The exhibition is a result of the open photographic workshops lectured by Krzysztof Ligęza under the EU Rural Development Programme, between September and November 2014 in the region of Nowy Sącz (Southern Poland).
The classes were divided into learning of the basics of photographic equipment, computer photo editing elements, plein airs at selected locations and also individual consultations. Next to the technical aspect the participants also learned how to analyse and understand not only photography of the great masters, as well as their own photos, but above all – the world around us. In addition a “meetings with masters” series was added to the workshops schedule. In relation to it Bogdan Konopka, who is a well known photographer, art critic and academic lecturer, delivered series of a few hours lectures. The meetings were focused on creative approaches within photography and finding answers to the problems faced by conscious author. At each meeting the participants discussed the photographs. The consultation focused on technical, formal ant theoretical themes. As a summary of the workshops 3 groups had local exhibitions accompanied with a free, 60-page catalogue.
The exhibition in Nowy Sącz gathers works of 27 participants from all the groups. Their photographs are exhibited together in a common gallery space for the first time. The presented pictures are varied formally and thematically: from the natural and cultural landscape, documentary photography, through abstraction, architecture, portrait, to digital art. The multiplicity of the authors points of view is linked by the journey motif. Part of the motto “you do not know your own” turned out to refer not only to traveling around the beautiful sites of the region of Nowy Sącz, but primarily to the discovery of the ability of sensitive seeing the world and exploring the relationship between phenomena, facts and other people. That “own” is the attitude of the participants, who - whilst revealing their sensibility - were able to project it externally through a photographic tool.

Korona Sądecka w 3D project has been implemented in the European Union
under Axis 4 - LEADER Rural Development Programme for 2007-2013